Hair Tea 50 gr


The hair care routine is an essential step if you want to achieve soft, thick and shiny hair. With the right care and the right natural products, your hair will be strong and healthy again in no time! Give your customers a tea with your logo.

Don’t forget that with our teas and herbal teas, not only the skin suffers from environmental influences, but also the hair, which is often mistreated by products with synthetic ingredients and the excessive use of heat from hairdryers and straighteners. As a result, they become brittle, dull, dry and full of split ends, lose their natural shine and look unruly and difficult to manage. Try our natural products, in time your hair will thank you!

Ingredients: Lemon balm, mint, strawberry leaves, apple pieces, chamomile, rose petals, lavender, heather, rosehip, hibiscus flowers, orange blossom, orange peel pieces, rosemary, thyme and natural flavouring.

Quantity: 50 g
Packaging: Paper/Polypropylene
Size 50x30x150mm

Option 1: Paper bag
Option 2: Transparent plastic bag
Option 3: Coloured plastic bag: white, black, blue, green,
red, yellow, brown.
Outer material: coated paper, weight 90g/m2
Inner material: aroma-preserving OPP film sealed
Label: four-colour print + lacquer
Weight content: 50gr

Packaging environmental labelling

Please note that there are Italian and European regulations on the labelling of packaging aimed at facilitating collection, reuse, recovery and recycling. Remember to include the correct labelling in your envelope graphics. To find out more, please read the guidelines available at this page.

Download Catalogue

At this link TEA TIME you can download the PDF catalogue.

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