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Customised tin tea

Customised loose tea, herbal tea or infusion bags

Customised tea, herbal tea or infusion for your company, hotel or event.
Envelope inside in meshed paper
Outer envelope: with four-colour printed adhesive label.
Cotton thread with neutral puller
Size: 60 x 70 mm
Packed in multiple cartons of minimum 1000 pieces.

From 50,000 pieces total customisation is possible
Envelope inside in meshed paper
Outer sleeve: fully customised with four-colour flexo printing
Cotton thread with customised puller
Size: 60 x 70 mm
Packing in multiple cartons

Feel free to choose the product you want from our wide range:

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Tea customised with your logo, a great idea
Maxim Italy simplifies the creation of a custom-labelled tea.

  • Many blends to choose from for your customised tin tea.
    We offer an extensive collection of the best teas and herbal blends from around the world.
    Our tea experts can help you choose the blend that best represents you.
  • Choose your packaging.
    Maxim Italy’s private label teas are available for all our wholesale tea products, including gift boxes, tall boxes, thin boxes, mini boxes and more.
  • Think about the logo or graphics to be applied. Our graphic designers are at your disposal with creativity for the creation of your graphics. Our in-house capacity saves you time and money. We offer a selection of design options for private labels. Just choose the option below that works best for you.

Customised label

Personalise your personalised tin tea with a tea design is original and will be uniquely yours.
We can match your logo or design something new.
We will work with you to include any information or images you wish.

Gift herbal tea

Tea is a simple, nice and inexpensive gift idea. There are teas of all kinds so you are spoilt for choice. To help you, below you will find our selection of teas, infusions, and herbal teas, we hope you find it useful as a company reagal!