Black tea

Assam Broken
Very aromatic, spicy-malty tea.

Journal of Pure Ceylon leaf tea. It tastes mild, subtle andvery aromatic, fine. Golden cup.

Ceylon Broken
This fresh, lively and highly aromatic tea is to the highest quality levels, which in Sri Lanka to a height be planted by 2500 meters.

Darjeeling TGFOP
The garden is located in the heart of the tea plantations of Darjeeling and brings each year the best tea quality. These top quality also has full-bodied character and tastes very fragrant, very aromatic and slightly nutty.
The cup color is gold / red.

Earl Grey
The powerful classic with the finest, natural Bergamot oil. Intensely fragrant and very pleasant
in taste.
Ingredients: black tea and natural bergamot oil.

English Five o Clock
This tastes spicy and strong Assam aromatic. Red-brown in color cup.

English Breakfast
A well-balanced blend of Ceylon, Assam, Darjeeling and Java gives this tea its spicy, aromatic Taste.

Hirtentee / Shepherd’s tea
A true specialty. Hearty blend of natural fruit flavors, fruits, spices and black tea.
Ingredients: black tea, fruits, spices and natural fruit flavors

Jasmine Tea
A traditional jasmine tea from China. Very fine in flavor and excellent in taste.
Ingredients: semi-fermented tea with Yasmin flowers.

Fruity by naturally sweet currant flavor.
Ingredients: black tea and natural black currant flavoring.

A soft caramel flavor from savory sweet caramel.
Ingredients: black tea and natural caramel flavor.

Full of flavor from coconut coir and coconut finest natural Coconut oil.
Ingredients: black tea, coconut and natural coconut oil.

Finest black tea from India, almond and natural Almond are combined into an exquisite creation.
Ingredients: black tea, almonds and natural almond flavor.

Passion Fruit
With a taste of the tropical passion fruit.
Ingredients: black tea and natural passion fruit flavor

Fruity, tangy orange flavor is natural.
Ingredients: black tea, orange and natural Orange flavoring.

East Frisian Mix
Strong East Frisian blend of Assam and Indonesian teas. Dark, rich cup of very good quality.
We recommend like the East Frisian, a piece Kluntje and a small Spoon cream per cup.

Best black rum with a dash of real Jamaica rum.
Ingredients: black tea and rum.

Russian Mix
A mixture of Russian classic black tea mixture consisting from China, Ceylon and Java tea. Aromatic, strong and high quality tea with dark cup.

Tropical Fruit
A classic exotic flavored black tea.
Ingredients: black tea with natural fruit flavors.

The aroma of natural vanilla Madagascar vanilla makes this tea a precious experience.
Ingredients: black tea, natural vanilla flavor and real vanille.

Forest-Fresh Blackberry
Blackberry-fruity flavor.
Ingredients: black tea and natural blackberry.

Wild Strawberry
A fine composition, apart and pleasant in taste.
Ingredients: black tea and natural strawberry flavor.

Forest Raspberry
Fresh, fruity raspberry flavor.
Ingredients: black tea and natural raspberry flavor.

The popular cherry mixture tastes sweet and fruity Cherries.
Ingredients: black tea and natural cherry flavor.

Strong cinnamon.
Ingredients: black tea with natural cinnamon.

Fresh, fruity, vitalizing lemon flavor.
Ingredients: black tea and natural lemon flavor.