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Herbal teas and teas to customise

Herbal teas and teas to customise with logo printing, many designs and selections to choose from. In this section you can find packaging to customise with your logo. Great ideas and also the security of working with producers and factories, the security of having people on the phone to help you NOT just put a logo on but to create YOUR customised herbal tea. Only 15 (working) days

Spices to customise

Customised packaging

In this section, as you have seen, we can offer you customised herbal tea bags with your logo, you impress your customers, you can customise them online by asking us for the printing die and you are free to unleash your creativity. We will take care of printing your graphics and the production of both envelopes and customised boxes.


The printing on the card is of high quality done on 350 g Cromacarton GS4 this also gives rigidity so that during transport your customised tea will not be damaged.


With the converting service, you can create the packaging for your products in customised shapes and high-quality materials that are also environmentally friendly. We guide you in choosing the style and shape of your customised packaging and create the product best suited to your needs. Herbal tea packaging for third parties is always a service we provide to those who want to create their own private label in addition to selling herbal teas in bulk under our own brand name. The printing and processing of the product is done using state-of-the-art technology and on many types of materials, from paper to cardboard. We do not just make simple boxes but unique and original packaging for your company. Contact our sales department for the information you require and to receive a dedicated price list.