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Herbal teas customised with logo. Lots of healthy truths to give away or sell with your brand, create something different.


Green or black tea customised with logo. See this page to understand how to create a beautiful product


Infusions customised with your logo. See all the flavours and mixes to give away or sell with your brand, create something different.

Personalised Herbal Teas

If you are looking for a customised herbal tea manufacturer online, take a look at our extensive catalogue. Personalised fruit teas or infusions if you apply your logo or slogan to them will have a certain effect and, of course, are promotional items for your business that will ensure success.

Herbal teas are therefore ideal for entering people’s homes, and will always be appreciated for their undisputed relaxing benefits. In fact, if you notice, herbal teas tend to be one of those gadgets that ‘sell like hot cakes’.

Discover our customised herbal tea production range. Choose from different container models available in various shapes and volumes. Add text and images to make your herbal tea or infusion an original and memorable gift.

Tea with logo

We produce tea and infusions for third parties to be customised in our factory, if you would like to visit it you are welcome, this way we can guarantee the highest quality in the product, our office is at your disposal for production from customisation to final finishing. Our team of experts is responsible for the validation of each of the designs, logos or photos submitted, and will accompany you through the entire process of creating your customised tea with your logo or printed phrase.

In any case, the fruit infusion will look good on the desk, workbench or kitchen table. Tea is considered the most functional and useful promotional gadget. and inexpensive, just a motif, a logo or a phrase to win an important place at home, in the office or wherever.

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How useful are herbal teas

You are on the right page to find and ask for an offer to create herbal teas and teas of different types customised with your logo. Herbal teas to be customised with logo printing are one of the most collectable and inexpensive gadgets, and your customer will always be on the lookout for new designs with your logo printed on them, and remember that it is a personalised gift, you can create it with a sachet or pouch. The sachets are printed with an automatic flexographic machine

Is this a different way to promote your image?

Herbal teas to be customised with a print of your logo are a good item to put on your customer’s desk, he always has them in sight, or the different types of tea can be put in the cupboards and used, think of your logo always being around. Who do you think the customer will choose? He will psychologically always have your logo in mind because you made customised teas with your logo printed on them. Tea online even if you don’t taste it you can ask us for a sample

Wholesale of teas

Our warehouse is always organised to meet all reordering and bulk ordering requirements. Logistics unit ensures re-stocking and order processing within a short period of time, online availability of capacity soon.